Features of ES6 every Javascript developer should know

Javascript is worlds one of the popular programming languages. This language first appeared in the programming world in 1995. From then many features come for the improvement of this most used programming language. It becomes more easier and flexible to work with those features. Here we are going to talk about one of the recent and important features of javascript which is ES6. Here are some important features of ES6:

1. Default Parameters in ES6

2. Template Literals in ES6

3. Multi-line Strings in ES6

4. Destructuring Assignment in ES6

5. Proper tail-calls

6. Classes in ES6

7. Inheritance

In this example, all properties of Service class are inherited to SpecialService class.

8. Arrow Functions in ES6

9. Block-Scoped Constructs Let and Const

10. Modules in ES6

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