Javascript is one of the popular programming languages in the world. There are many beginners who are learning this programming language. There are many types of questions they are going to face while facing an interview. Here are some important interview questions and answers for them that may help them.

1. What is JavaScript?

Javascript is a programming language. It is a client-side and server-side scripting language. Javascript includes all programming aspects like conditions, iteration, etc. Javascript used in building frameworks and libraries. Javascript also called object-oriented programming. It includes all functionality of Object-oriented programming. …

React is a javascript library which introduced in 2013. It's a library for user interface or UI components design. There are so many ways to implement a react application whereas there is some best practice to use this library effectively. Here are some of the best practices of React that a beginner should know before creating a react application.

1. Build small components and function-specific

It's not ideal to make components large and make your code more complex rather than one should try to keep components smaller so that they can be easily handled by the developer himself and other developers who might be work on…

Javascript is worlds one of the popular programming languages. This language first appeared in the programming world in 1995. From then many features come for the improvement of this most used programming language. It becomes more easier and flexible to work with those features. Here we are going to talk about one of the recent and important features of javascript which is ES6. Here are some important features of ES6:

1. Default Parameters in ES6

In ES6 function can have a default parameter. When a function is called and demands some parameter if we do not give the demanded parameter it will give the output…

In JavaScript, string manipulation and modification is a key topic that every developer should learn before going through the higher level of this programming language. In computer programming, a string is a sequence of characters, that can be literal constant or variable. In this post, we simply will go through some of the main methods that have a great number of uses in JavaScipt.

1. charAt()

charAt() is a method in a string that returns a new string with the value of a certain index that is included as a parameter of the method. …

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